How Back Office works

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Back Office is your complete accounting & finance suite

We incorporate essential business processes, such as bookkeeping, invoicing, bill payment and payroll. We do it by incorporating advanced automation and machine learning technology, ensuring results are delivered quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Our solution provides an always-up-to-date snapshot of your business, available 24/7.


Getting started with Back Office


Connect your business accounts

Connect Back Office to your financial institutions, accounting file plus other popular business applications. We will retrieve all of your financial information & provide it in a single, easy to access central location. Rather than log in to several different accounts & applications, Back Office creates a single login for all of your essential financial information.


Review your activity center

Enable important information and alerts on the very first page, at-a-glance. You’ll be able to see critical information about your business – such as spend, specific transactions per account, trend data and more.


Let Back Office start your day

Start every day with Back Office. Review your custom dashboard at any time and from any place, giving you an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your company’s overall financial health.


Leverage the power of automation

Using the most advanced automation technology, Back Office classifies each transaction in real time, categorizing and delivering that information to you via your dashboard. To ensure your activity is identified and categorized accurately, Back Office will provide you with an alert if a transaction is not recognized. Once you provide clarification, Back Office will successfully identify all future transactions and categorize them automatically, reducing time and effort and helping to make your business more efficient.

Technology that learns

Machine learning capability featured in Back Office is like having a meticulous financial advisor working for you 24/7. With every transaction that runs through our solution, Back Office is able to see, learn and make better decisions and recommendations. If there are any financial irregularities such as abnormal spend, smaller margins or unrecognizable transactions, the Back Office technology will alert you sooner rather than later. In addition, Back Office technology will grow with you, incorporating what it’s learned over time, and helping to make even better decisions for you and your business.


Integrate with your
favorite software

Because Back Office is in the business of helping you easily manage your business finances, we work with an extensive network of partners that seamlessly integrate with our solution. With tight integration, you’ll still be able to use a variety of third-party software that you’ve grown accustomed to but can now view their data from your Back Office dashboard. Whether you’re using QuickBooks, Xero or Stripe, the BackOffice dashboard can capture their information and provide it to you in one place.

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Backed by accounting professionals

Because Back Office was developed in partnership with a passionate team of real accounting experts and CPAs, we’ve put ourselves in your position and built a solution that anticipates virtually every financial need. Our team continues to drive improvements and is on board to provide support to our customers and business owners like you.

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Leave nothing to chance

Don’t run the risk of leaving your company’s financial management to just anyone. Put the most advanced, financial-related business software to work for you by leveraging Back Office. We’ll help you understand the financial health of your business anywhere at any time.